Coach Consultant


I am a Coach and a Consultant— professionally poised to help clients attain lifestyles which are abundantly and sound in life, business and health. In leveraging a unique blend of experiences and education, I can deliver a full range of coaching or consulting services for those who are seeking to balance their life or change for better health and lifestyle transition. I believe that there are different needs at a different point in a person’s life. Whether it is a difficult transition period in your life or you are seeking ways to change your lifestyle to lead a healthier life, I will provide support and collaborate in guiding you towards the path to your purpose and success with real-time clear solutions.

Successful provider-to-client relationships are rooted in trust and chemistry, and most people encounter a full span of needs throughout their lifetime. Clients I establish alliances within one area are well-positioned to return for assistance in another should a need emerge—that is the unique advantage I offer. Reliability and connectivity are paramount to my practice in helping my clients.



Take back your health with accountability in your individual uniques mind, body and lifestyle.  A healthy body is crucial for generating a clear mind in today's ever changing fast pace society.  I will be your healthy lifestyle collaborator, supporter and will guide you through every step of the way as you go through changes in different phases of your life to ensure that you stay at your optimal health.



The lifestyle that you live today will help you attain the optimal years out of your life.  With over 12 years of Yoga practice and Holistic health as part of my lifestyle, I understand the path to Holistic lifestyle and can be your trusted guide into implementing it into your company's culture and employees' lifestyle to help boost the productive and create an abundant work place.



Your success begins the moment that you accept your life journey and live life in the present to it's fullest.

It's not so much about the years of your life or what type of work that defines you as much as it is the life of your years and your experience that create a fulfilling life.  Discover the Holistic approach path with my collaboration and guidance to reach your fullest definition of success.

Education & Experience


  • eCornell Nutrition and Healthy Living
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Weichert Residential Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • University of Maryland BA Art/ Graphic Design 



  • Reformer Pilates Certification
  • Mat Pilates Certified
  • Ballet Barre Method Certification
  • Long Distance Running 25 Plus Years
  • Yoga  Practice 12 Plus Years
  • Meditation 10 plus years 
  • Weight Lifting 25 plus years 
  • Ballroom Dancing 15 plus years 


  • Life Coaching
  • Career Coaching 
  • Business Strategist
  • Licensed Commercial Real Estate Professional  
  • Management 25 plus years 
  • Entrepreneurship 7 Plus Years
  • Executive Consulting
  • Health Wellness Coaching
  • Volunteer Career Internship Day Hosting for University of Maryland