College Mentoring

As a young adult to be, guidance that is several layers removed from the parents is important in order to make the transition into the real world full of decision making and life stress.  As your mentor, I will be there to guide you in exploring  your options and answer any questions to help give you the confident that your decision will help you thrive.  Being successful and happy in life takes confident in standing by your decision and be supported with empathy and compassion, which is what you will receive when I come into your life as your mentor. 

Letter of Recommendation

Erica Walbert Ely

Program Director, Internships at University of Maryland Career Center & The President's Promise

At University of Maryland, College Park, I manage a program called "Intern for a Day" which connects current UMD undergraduate students with alumni, parents/family members, and employers for short-term job shadowing opportunities to explore potential career fields. On average, we have 400 hosts per academic year and match 800 students with those hosts. Luckily, June Webb consistently signs up as a host for our program and has done so for the past two years (since spring 2016)!

Not only has June served as a host for our program, but she has gone above and beyond by allowing 8-10 UMD students shadow her each semester. She actively plans a full day for the students to gain a better understanding of wellness business development, health wellness nutrition lifestyle development, and entrepreneurship. We are extremely appreciative of June's willingness to continue to serve as a host to our students through this program.